November 19: Thanksgiving by the numbers

Spoiler alert: Pumpkin pie is the most popular pie to purchase and eat on Thanksgiving.

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Source: Instacart
Published: November 2021
n = 2,000 US adults

Thanksgiving by the numbers

  • 91% of Americans are planning to celebrate Thanksgiving dinner this year

  • 93% of those celebrating plan to eat turkey (white meat is preferred to dark meat)

  • The worst side dishes, according to respondents:

    • Candied yams (27%)

    • Green bean casserole (25%)

    • Cranberry sauce (24%)

    • Sweet potato casserole (21%)

  • Most popular pies, according to Instacart sales from Thanksgiving 2020

  1. Pumpkin pie

  2. Apple pie

  3. Pecan pie

  4. Cream pie

  5. Cherry pie

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