November 9: Strategies for managing your manager

Transform your working relationship with your manager by making use of these three tips.

Suggest a topic for a future fact.

Source: Wes Kao
Published: October 2021

Strategies for managing your manager

Have you had communication snafus with your supervisor? Wes Kao, cofounder of Maven and altMBA, suggests learning how to manage your manager to transform your working relationship for the better. 

How do you manage a manager?

Tip #1: Offer solutions, not problems 

Instead of talking only about an issue, present the issue with a possible solution. This shows you are proactive.

Tip #2: Make requests, not complaints

Instead of saying, “I’m burning out,” suggest taking a vacation and asking which dates work best. This puts your needs in a positive light.

Tip #3: Keep your boss in the loop

Offer to submit regular updates on each project you’re working on. This keeps communication lines open and your boss doesn’t have to micromanage you.

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