October 12: Fighting Zoom Fatigue

Four helpful tips to combat Zoom fatigue.

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Source: Vignesh Ramachandran, Stanford
Published: February 2021

Fighting Zoom Fatigue

Prompted by the recent boom in videoconferencing, researchers examined the psychological consequences of spending hours per day on video chat platforms, like Zoom or Amazon Chime. Here are tips to combat fatigue:

  • Increase mobility: give your attendees permission to walk around during select meetings.

  • Reduce eye contact intensity: don’t use the full-screen view. Shrink the size of the window so faces aren’t large on your screen.

  • Reduce self-consciousness: once you’ve entered a meeting, turn off the self-view. On Zoom you can do this by right-clicking your own photo.

  • Reduce cognitive load: periodically hold audio-only sessions where you give attendees a break from video.

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