Outlook Calendar Invites: OOTO and WFH

Source: Microsoft Published: June 2019

Source: Microsoft
Published: June 2019

Outlook Calendar Invites: Out of the Office & Work from Home

Circulated: November 25, 2019

  • Include your name in the subject (i.e. ‘Cassandra — OOTO’ or ‘Danny — WFH’).

  • Set ‘Show As’ to ‘Free’ to avoid blocking out other people’s calendars.

  • Remove reminder notifications.

  • Uncheck ‘Request Responses’ under ‘Response Options’.

  • To avoid cluttering your coworker’s calendars, set your OOTO/WFH as ‘all day’ even if you’re taking a partial day.

  • Be mindful to share your event with all coworkers who are impacted.

  • For OOTO, create a separate event to block out your own calendar as ‘out of the office’.