September 14: Data Breach Investigations Report

The more you know about cyberthreats, the better you can protect yourself and your business.

Source: Verizon
Published: June 2020

Data Breach Investigations Report

The more you know about the cyberthreats you face, the better you can keep your data secure and protect hard to earn customer trust. In a 2020 report, Verizon analyzed 3,950 confirmed privacy breaches and found the following:

  • 96% of breaches were virtual. Physical actions (like plugging in a flash drive) were present in only 4% of breaches.

  • 86% of breaches are financially motivated. The rest are motivated by espionage, for fun, or due to a grudge.

  • 72% of breaches involved large business victims. 28% involved small business victims.

  • 70% of breaches are perpetrated by external actors. The other 30%were performed by internal actors, such as employees.

  • 43% of breaches were attacks on web applications; more than double the number from 2019. As workflows move to cloud services (such as AWS) attackers do too. The most common method of attacking web apps is using stolen or brute-forced credentials.


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