June 3: Countries with the fastest internet

A look at the top five countries with the fastest mobile internet and fixed broadband internet.

Source: Speedtest
Published: April 2021

Countries with the fastest internet

Internet speed is commonly measured in megabits per second (Mbps). Mbps assesses internet bandwidth, or the maximum speed you can download data via cellular data (mobile internet) or a router connection in a home or business (fixed broadband internet).

Internet speeds vary significantly globally, with countries in the Middle East and Asia holding most of the top ranks for fastest internet.

Fastest Global Internet Speeds, 2021 (rounded)

Mobile Internet

#1. United Arab Emirates: 191 Mbps

#2. South Korea: 186 Mbps

#3. Qatar: 181 Mbps

#4. China: 149 Mbps

#5. Saudi Arabia: 148 Mbps

Fixed Broadband Internet

#1. Singapore: 246 Mbps

#2. South Korea: 242 Mbps

#3. Hong Kong: 241 Mbps

#4. Monaco: 220 Mbps

#5. Romania: 214 Mbps


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