June 30: Mandatory paid vacation days

A look at 10 countries around the world with the most mandatory vacation days.

Source: International Labour Organization 
Published: October 2014

Mandatory paid vacation days

Paid time off (PTO) workers’ rights vary significantly around the world. 

The United States, Pakistan, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, and India are some of the few countries without a universal national entitlement, or mandatory PTO.

Many countries require employers to grant workers an entire month’s worth of paid vacation days per year, excluding paid public holidays. In Andorra, the country with the highest number of paid vacation days, PTO must include two weeks of consecutive vacation time to ensure an uninterrupted rest period.

Countries with most mandatory vacation days

Andorra: 31 days

Algeria: 30 days

Bahrain: 30 days

Burkina Faso: 30 days

Kuwait: 30 days

Panama: 30 days

Peru: 30 days

United Arab Emirates: 30 days

Republic of Congo: 26 days

Iran: 26 days


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