How it began

What is it?

Fact of the Day 1 is published every business day as a way to learn and be curious about the tech industry, business leadership, and thought-provoking ideas.

Who started it?

Authored by Danny Sheridan, opinions are my own. Started in August 2018, facts now enumerate to more than 500.

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What are your tenets?

Tenets (Unless you know better ones...)

1. Facts feature data with the source cited.
2. Content is digestible in under 60 seconds and encourages curiosity.
3. Topics rotate with a focus on the tech industry, business leadership, and thought-provoking ideas.
4. Using a whiteboard with handwritten facts is fun and personal.

What are readers looking for in this website?

"It would be helpful to have a repository of the prior posts..."

"I look forward to facts because they're a break for my brain. I've already bookmarked pages from this site to reference."

"The site captured all the facts in one place that can be easily accessed."

"Fact are interesting nuggets of information for me to learn. It is great to look at past facts I might have forgotten, especially in topics like Leadership."

It would be great if there was a book!

You're in luck, there is a book!

Fact of the Day 1 : 250 Facts for the curious
A look inside the culture of Amazon, one of the most successful companies in the world, and of its relentless, brilliant founder, Jeff Bezos.

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