36 days between submitting an application and getting $500,000

January 2023

Highlights from my time writing Fact of the Day 1

December 2022

Remember this when you’re in a difficult place.
A reminder for the next time you’re writing a document or crafting a presentation deck.
Customer obsession is the core of Jeff Bezos’s approach to business.
Company diversity stats across tech (self-reported)
Remote jobs are in high demand, but the supply of available positions is low.

November 2022

Amazon has built internal mechanisms over decades. Here are four.
Don’t schedule brainstorming meetings. Start with asynchronous ideation.
A 6-pager from senior Amazon engineers in 1998.
The full text of the email exchange between Dave Limp and Jeff Bezos.
“To be clear, my view here is that we're buying market position – not technology. And that market position and momentum is very valuable.” - Jeff Bezos