In 1870 the average worker put in 3,000 hours annually.
Using the Amazon Kindle as an example to understand the differences between product managers and program managers.
226 CEOs were surveyed about upcoming remote work plans for their startups.
A Bar Raiser is an interviewer at Amazon who is brought into hiring loops to be an objective third party.
Amazon’s rigorous interview process and Bar Raiser mechanism helps the company consistently make great hiring decisions.
Struggle with distraction during your work day? Try the Ivy Lee 5-step method.
Twitch had a humble birth as, a site that founder Justin Kan created to live-stream his life reality-show style.
Countries with higher incomes have larger older populations.
At Amazon, you don’t write to impress others. You write to express your idea.
You can feel depressed and anxious alone, but it’s rare to laugh alone or love alone. Joy shared is joy sustained.
"You have an operational strategy when you decide where you want the bottleneck to be." - Jeff Wilke, former CEO of Worldwide Consumer at Amazon
72% of influencers use Instagram as their primary platform, more than double the percentage of every other platform combined.