Comirnaty accounted for 45% of Pfizer’s revenue in 2021 and outsold the next top 10 Pfizer products by over $10B.
A minimum viable product (MVP) prioritizes product development that maximizes user feedback to allow for course correction.
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In 2021, the United States spent over $190B on digital ads—more than what China, the United Kingdom, Japan, and Germany spent, combined.
By 2050 there will be approximately 12 billion metric tons of plastic in landfills.
Plant-based meat market revenue has been steadily growing since 2016.
71% of US adults report having tried a plant-based meat alternative in 2021.
The world’s largest technology companies have lost over $1 trillion in value over the last week (May 5 to May 11).
These days, consumers can choose from a wide array of different kinds of milk.
In mid-March, Redfin’s CEO Glenn Kelman sent a note to all employees.
The chaos monkey is a smart piece of software and a brilliant idea from engineers at Netflix.
Airbnb announced this week that the “vast majority” of its employees will be allowed to live and work anywhere.