Sitemap - 2022 - Fact of the Day 1

December 14: A Really Hard Thing

December 13: Focus on your audience’s interests

December 12: Two truths about customer service

December 7: Gender Diversity by Tech Company

December 5: Remote jobs are in demand, but positions are drying up

November 30: 4 Mechanisms at Amazon

November 29: The Case Against Collaboration

November 28: Distributed Computing Manifesto

RE: November 23: Jeff Bezos on acquiring Ring

November 23: Jeff Bezos on acquiring Ring

November 22: Software Engineering Behaviors by Level

November 21: Amazon’s Self-Service Platforms

November 16: Where’s my stuff?

November 15: Ballots Returned by Age Group

November 14: Own your dependency

November 9: Amazon’s Delivery Promise for pink iPods

November 8: Gen Z’s Favorite Brands Compared to Older Generations

November 7: # of Open Jobs at Tech Companies

November 2: A scene from a 2003 Amazon S-Team Meeting

November 1: Digital-influenced retail sales

October 31: Biggest Tech Stock Declines

October 26: Tips for Amazon Writers

October 25: A week without meetings

October 24: Amazon at a high-level

October 19: People we try to please

October 18: Minimalist UX Design Tips

October 17: Amazon’s Key Businesses and Products

October 12: Measuring Career Success

October 11: The most regretted college majors

October 10: DRY: a principle of software development

October 5: Differences by Country - Emotion and Confrontation

Re: October 4: The Densest Talent Hubs in the U.S.

Re: October 4: The Densest Talent Hubs in the U.S.

October 4: The Densest Talent Hubs in the U.S.

October 3: The Biggest Tech Talent Hubs in the U.S.

September 28: How many humans have ever lived?

September 27: Billionaire No More: Patagonia Founder Gives Away the Company

September 26: The Ten Essentials for Hiking

September 21: Go Join the Startup

September 20: What egg labels really mean

September 19: Email from Steve Jobs to himself

September 15: Maslow's hierarchy of needs

September 14: Dark Mode or Light Mode

September 13: The Health Benefits of Fermented Foods

September 12: How To Sell (as an early stage company)

September 8: Crafting Proposals Using The Heilmeier Catechism

September 7:Percent of U.S. Teens Using Social Media Apps

September 6: Native Speakers of the World

September 1: The Current and Future State of APIs

August 31: US Unicorn Founders by Country of Origin

August 30: Top 10 US Newspaper Circulations

August 29: What you can change

August 25: Talent Reviews at Amazon: Tips for Individual Contributors

August 24: Talent Reviews at Amazon: Tips for People Managers

August 23: When everything feels overwhelming

August 22: The Parable of the Businesswoman and the Fisherman

August 18: U.S. E-Commerce Annual Run Rate, 2001 to 2022

August 17: Tips for Managing a Remote Team

August 16: Grocery Market Share, Q1 2022

August 15: 5 Steps to Write an Amazon Promo Doc

August 11: The Rule of 72

August 10: How American Households Have Changed Since the 1970s

August 9: Learn Difficult Concepts with the ADEPT Method

August 8: Understanding the Pareto Principle (The 80/20 Rule)

August 4: When Making a Decision, Share the Why

August 3: Dairy vs. plant-based milk: what are the environmental impacts?

August 1: Hammurabi’s Code

July 28: Razors to Live By

July 27: APIs instead of meetings

July 26: Using the Amazon Leadership Principles outside of Amazon

July 25: Crafting your business’s hook

July 21: DoorDash customer loyalty drives market share gains

July 20: State of Software Engineers: pay, skills, and favorite languages

July 19: Vegetarian, vegan, or flexitarian

July 18: Big, emotional moments bring teams together

July 13: Qualities amongst the best product managers

July 12: How to write a blurb for your startup

July 11: Investment Memo: YouTube

July 7: Meta slashes hiring plans among fierce headwinds

July 6: What do Technical Program Managers do?

July 5: A tale of a self-funded, bootstrapped startup

June 30: Amazon Marketplace Grows Faster than Amazon Retail

June 29: People That Scale

June 28: Measuring China’s Development: 1949, 1978, and 2018

June 27: Children and smartphones

June 23: Giving your boss the right amount of context

June 22: Amazon employee vs stock growth

June 21: Questions to Ask at the End of an Interview

June 20: 5 World War II innovations we still use today

June 16: Fair Repair Act

June 15: Biggest GDPR fines

June 14: That’s a lot of packages to deliver

June 13: Comparing eBay and Amazon in 1999

June 9: To pre-rinse or not to pre-rinse dishes?

June 8: Clarification versus Challenge questions

June 7: The end of remote work at Tesla

June 6: More than half of Americans live within an hour of extended family

June 2: The Five Whys

[Success Story] How Misbah found her new role at Amazon

June 1: Celebrating LGBTQ Pride Month

May 31: Amazon Exec Pay Packages

May 30: Tips for healthy sleep

May 26: Pun of the Day

May 25: No sign of widespread ‘Zoom fatigue’ in U.S. workers

May 24: Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine sales

May 23: Making Sense of the MVP

Facts for Startup Founders

May 19: Global Internet Ad Spend

May 18: Plastic waste recycling

May 17: Adoption of plant-based meat (part 2 of 2)

May 16: Adoption of plant-based meat (part 1 of 2)

May 12: Tech sector value decline

May 11: Got Milks? Breaking Down the Differences

May 10: Redfin’s Balance of Meeting In Person While Working Remotely

May 9: Chaos monkey

May 6: Airbnb employees can live and work anywhere

May 5: Sense-based Marketing

May 4: Top mobile apps by generation

May 3: ABCs of Corporate Senescence

May 2: Time spent on mobile

April 29: Daily Affirmations

April 28: Container Shipping Rates, China to the U.S.

April 27: Stripe’s 2021 Annual Update

April 26: Ben Franklin’s Schedule

April 25: Boss versus Leader

April 22: Sorting tomatoes using machine learning

RE: April 21: Why American Teens Are So Sad

April 21: Why American Teens Are So Sad

April 20: OpenAI’s DALL-E

April 19: MacKenzie Scott gives billions—again

April 18: North American Crane Index

April 14: Organic vs paid search results on Amazon

April 13: SaaS applications per team

April 12: U.S. Venture Capital Deal Growth

April 11: Fastest-Growing States in the U.S.

April 8: Cryptocurrency performance in 2021

April 7: Adults are remaining childless

April 6: The growing demand for technical talent

April 5: Repricing Instacart

April 4: Start writing with a Mind Map

April 1: Post-pandemic stock drop

March 31: Amazon Marketplace is 25% of U.S. e-commerce

March 30: What Is Strategy? (Part 2 of 2)

March 29: What Is Strategy? (Part 1 of 2)

March 28: Top pay by location

March 25: Top digital advertising platforms in 2021

March 24: National Gas Prices, 2019-2022

March 23: If California were a country

March 22: Five food waste facts

March 21: Top US grocers by share of total dollars spent

March 18: Amazon Closing Retail Stores

March 17: Consumers throw out 35% of their food

March 16: Writing is a process

March 15: How Americans view climate change

March 14: Mental Models with an example

March 11: Government spending on childcare

March 10: Apple’s revolutionary user interfaces

March 9: Getting a senior leader to take action

March 8: 1 out of every 135 American workers is employed by Amazon

March 7: Billions have never used the internet

March 4: Top 10 Shopping Apps Globally

March 3: Small minorities influence the masses

March 2: COVID comfort levels

March 1: Amazon’s Ad Business Is Huge

February 28: 5 Things Learned While Unemployed

February 25: The World’s Most Used Emojis

February 24: Microsoft’s Unprecedented Climate Commitment

February 23: How Amazonians share their ideas: 1-pager and 6-pager

February 22: Stepping outside of your comfort zone

February 21: Clear project confusion with a RACI

February 18: Music Streaming Marketshare

February 17: Staving off climate catastrophe

February 16: Care for yourself before caring for others

February 15: Who Spends the Most on R&D? Amazon.

February 14: Amazon as a role model for climate action

February 11: Inflation: what’s rising the most?

February 10: Elon Musk’s email calling for productivity

February 9: Free time

February 8: Increase Personal Effectiveness with a 90-Minute Plan

February 7: The hardest-to-fill roles

February 4: Top 10 venture rounds in crypto & blockchain

February 3: Get to stepping (and sweating)

February 2: Screen time statistics

February 1: Inflation rate per country in 2021

January 31: The Mood Pyramid

January 28: Measuring the popularity of a term over time

January 27: An invention appreciated 200 years later

January 26: Global Cloud vs On-Prem Spending

January 25: When and how to escalate an issue at work

January 24: An Email to all Tesla Employees

January 21: How China is trying to unaddict kids from social media

January 20: The Feynman Learning Technique

January 19: “Non-negotiables,” letters from Theranos

Free at-home COVID-19 tests for Americans

January 18: Elon Musk's approach to complex problem solving

January 17: Focus on the inputs, measure the outputs

January 14: China reducing video game time for minors

January 13: Bill Gates’ resume in 1974

January 12: Community-driven businesses

January 11: YCombinator’s Motto

January 10: The dramatic headcount growth of select companies

January 7: AWS revenue (2013 to 2021)

January 6: 16% of Americans have invested in crypto

January 5: The Amazon Promotion Document

January 4: Effective cold email technique (with an example)