Sitemap - 2021 - Fact of the Day 1

December 22: The top baby names of 2020

December 21: Common passwords and password hygiene tips

December 20: Improving web accessibility (with an example)

December 17: Influence of Influencers

December 16: Venture Capitalists pour money into crypto

December 15: TSA checkpoint travel numbers

December 14: How Apple privacy policies are affecting email open rates

December 13: The backlog in America’s immigration courts

December 10: Influencer marketing spending in the US

December 9: $1 in 1800, adjusted for inflation

December 8: Amazon’s Renewable Energy Projects

December 7: Your critics are the ones who still care

December 6: Regrets of the dying

December 3: America’s Top Fears

December 2: What does Plaid do?

December 1: Parcels per person in the U.S.

November 30: Types of Multi-factor Authentication

November 29: The race to provide internet from space

November 23: How much equity do startups sell in Series A?

November 22: Recycling habits in Norway

November 19: Thanksgiving by the numbers

November 18: How to Quit Your Job

November 17: Thoughts on Work-Life Balance

November 16: On reinventing Qualtrics

November 15: What's an API?

November 12: Using design to improve the customer experience

November 11: Amazon ships more than FedEx

November 10: How web apps are built

November 9: Strategies for managing your manager

November 8: The power of data: Tesla’s dynamic insurance policy

November 5: Sustainability goals at major tech companies

November 4: Inbox zero system

November 3: 33% of Amazon sellers want to diversify

November 2: What to put in an email subject line

November 1: Paper cut bug

October 29: Largest electric vehicle manufacturers

October 28: Three UX Tips for Web Designers

October 27: Six ways to make people like you

October 26: How we spend our money

October 25: Nothing lasts forever: Advice from kids

October 22: Understanding emissions reporting

October 21: Google Flights and Carbon-emissions

October 20: Amazon’s Correction of Error Mechanism (Part 2)

October 19: Amazon’s Correction of Error Mechanism (Part 1)

October 18: Five balls of life

October 15: Our insatiable appetite for mobile data

October 14: Who were the Luddites?

October 13: Proceeds from selling a book on Amazon

October 12: Fighting Zoom Fatigue

October 11: A guide to great 1:1s

October 8: Unix philosophy

October 7: From zero to 1 billion monthly active users

October 6: Used car price trends

October 5: Salesforce’s 1/1/1 Model

October 4: Successful pivots

October 1: Most Sellers choose Fulfillment by Amazon

A gift idea for event attendees

September 30: Top challenges for Amazon sellers

September 29: The Emotion Wheel Chart

September 28: Price changes in the US from 2000 to 2021

September 27: TikTok has overtaken YouTube on average watch time

September 24: An overview of scenario analysis

September 23: CEO pay has skyrocketed

September 22: An overview of Variable vs. Fixed Costs

September 21: The evolution of enterprise computing

September 20: Takeaways from Zero to One

September 17: A User Manual for You

September 16: The birth of FedEx

September 15: Hiring at Amazon

September 14: Spotify extends its lead in music streaming

September 13: “There’s no guarantee that can be a successful company.”

September 10: 41% of consumers considering electric for their next car

September 9: Bitcoin Dominance YTD

September 8: What is a Mechanism at Amazon?

September 7: Good mechanisms outperform good intentions

September 3: Viewer disparity on Twitch

September 2: Largest countries by energy consumption

September 1: Resisting Proxies

August 31: Angel Investing

August 30: Availability bias

August 27: The history of Amazon (part 5 of 5)

August 26: The history of Amazon (part 4 of 5)

August 25: The history of Amazon (part 3 of 5)

August 24: The history of Amazon (part 2 of 5)

August 23: The history of Amazon (part 1 of 5)

August 20: A nation of gamers

August 19: Who are Fact of the Day 1’s followers?

August 18: Where are the world’s nuclear reactors?

August 17: Reasons for buying cryptocurrency (UK)

August 16: Who Americans spend their time with, by age

August 13: Increasing crypto awareness (UK)

August 12: Lunch and Learns at Amazon

August 11: Gen Zers are less likely to identify as sports fans

August 10: Structure your writing

August 9: Successful CEO product engagement

August 6: 4 in 10 Americans haven’t left the country

August 5: Size of the global gaming market

August 4: 5 stages of Working Backwards at Amazon

August 3: Average work hours by country

August 2: What’s the difference: Product Manager versus Program Manager

July 30: The future of office work

July 29: The Amazon Bar Raiser

July 28: The Amazon Hiring Process: The Interview Loop

July 27: Absurdly simple peak productivity hack

July 26: How became Twitch

July 23: The global population is aging

July 22: 5 tips from Amazon’s Doc Bar Raisers

July 21: The Specific Kind of Joy We’ve Been Missing

July 20: Operational Strategy

July 19: Instagram is the most popular platform among influencers

July 16: Consumers care about data privacy

July 15: Businesses based on open source software

July 14: 70% of US adults use social media 

July 13: How people spend their time

July 12: Top remote employers

July 9: Significant cyber-attacks by country

July 8: Big Tech and FAANG

July 7: How influencers make their money

July 6: Handling criticism in the workplace

July 5: Dark patterns

July 2: Consumers expect fast & free delivery

July 1: Remote work

June 30: Mandatory paid vacation days

June 29: The price decline of lithium-ion batteries

June 28: Know your competitors

June 25: Two-minute rule

June 24: How much is your time worth?

June 23: Structuring one-on-one meetings

June 22: Startup idea: solve a problem you have

June 21: Possessive apostrophes 

June 18: 97.5% of people should stop multitasking

June 17: Second order thinking

June 16: Minimum loveable product

June 15: Answer to what makes a great software engineer

June 14: Question: What makes a great software engineer?

June 11: The color green

June 10: Introducing Amazon Kindle

June 9: The 80/20 rule

June 8: Correlation v. causation

June 7: About Amazon’s Doc Bar Raisers

June 4: Winner’s Curse

June 3: Countries with the fastest internet

June 2: Everything looks like a failure in the middle

June 1: Some bittersweet news

May 28: Electric vehicles' first heyday

May 27: Writing the Amazon way

May 26: Flannel as a signal

May 25: FAQs about Fact of the Day 1

May 24: China takes the lead in AI development

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May 21: Measuring civilization’s advancement with the Kardashev scale

May 20: Sabbaticals as a benefit

May 19: Esports revenue streams

May 18: Artificial Intelligence and PhD Graduates

May 17: 2021’s fastest growing marketplace businesses 

May 14: Crucible Moments

May 13: Answer the Question

May 12: STAR Interview Method

May 11: Blood types

May 10: This Could Have Been Shorter

May 7: Women in US state legislatures

May 6: Risk Assessment Matrix

May 5: Use active voice

May 4: Churchill’s Memo on Brevity

May 3: A Futurist’s Framework for Strategic Planning

April 30: The Monetization of the Creator Economy

April 29: The dilution effect

April 28: A philosophy for everyday living: Stoicism

April 27: Inventory Record Accuracy

April 26: Stop Asian Hate

April 23: What VPN usage tells us about WFH

April 22: Em dash vs en dash

April 21: The rise of new entrepreneurial businesses

April 20: Six Rules for Better Writing

April 19: The 5 questions machine learning can answer

April 16: Jeff’s Last Letter as CEO of Amazon

April 15: Amazon: The Best Place in the World to Fail

April 14: Women in the workplace: pandemic edition

April 13: Write Like an Amazonian

April 12: Amazon & the dot-com bubble

April 9: Five Dysfunctions of a Team

April 8: The founding of AWS

April 7: Fiscal year (FY)

April 6: We’ll take the cash flows

April 5: Digital Commerce Growth in 2020

April 2: Eisenhower Decision Matrix

April 1: What Gives People Feelings of Power

March 31: The recent large reduction in space launch cost

March 30: E-commerce GMV

March 29: Four communication styles

March 26: Worldwide mobile data pricing

March 25: Popular Apps for Work

March 24: E-commerce Sales Growth in the US

March 23: Global air travel fatality rate

March 22: Educational Attainment by Generation

March 19: Work from anywhere

March 18: News from social media sites

March 17: EV battery costs

March 16: Internet sales growth in the UK

March 15: Languages spoken at home (US)

March 12: Women CEOs of the Fortune 500

March 11: Plans are worthless, but planning is everything

March 10: The importance of walking the floor

March 9: Facebook audience reach

March 8: Women in Legislatures Globally

March 5: When I grow up…

March 4: Most popular magazines

March 3: Smart Home Device Privacy (U.S.)

March 2: America’s Ever-Increasing Debt

March 1: Day-one mentality

February 26: Origins of the Internet

February 25: Comparing the economic stimulus of 2008 and 2020

February 24: Computer Science Diversity

February 23: Decoupling at Amazon

February 22: In-app spending

February 19: We’re working on much bigger failures right now

February 18: Physical Differences: Short Stature

February 17: The benefits of diversity

February 16: Lead with context, not control

February 15: Managing up

February 12: The state of mobile

February 11: The Tough Love Matrix

February 10: Mechanisms at Amazon

February 9: Be willing to be misunderstood

February 8: The Broadband Gap

February 5: Let curiosity be your compass

February 4: Leading causes of death globally

February 3: Gradatim Ferociter!

February 2: Decision-making with disagreement

February 1: U.S. Food Delivery Market Share

January 29: Why the moon is a gift

January 28: Leading a team through failure

January 27: The Resurgence of Old Books

January 26: U.S. Tech Worker Migration Due to Remote Work

January 25: Basis points

January 22: Write your own job description

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January 21: U.S. Board Gender Diversity Trends

January 20: Building a service-oriented architecture

January 19: Fast-growing marketplace businesses

January 18: The way you get long-term results

January 15: The World’s Biggest Advertisers

January 14: A Dynamic Civilization, Part 2 of 2

January 13: A Dynamic Civilization, Part 1 of 2

January 12: A 3-choice framework for prioritization

January 11: You Can’t Connect The Dots Looking Forward

January 8: Generating energy at work

January 7: The similar genesis of Echo and iPod

January 6: Innovation is messy

January 5: The first job description at Amazon

January 4: The Passion Economy