Sitemap - 2020 - Fact of the Day 1

December 30: Amazon named low price leader

December 29: What else would you like Amazon to sell?

December 28: Missionaries over Mercenaries

December 24: Odin, Thor, and Amazon Customer Service

December 23: Undifferentiated heavy lifting

December 22: Eat the Frog

December 21: Michelin Guide

[Invite] Get your laptop stickers

December 18: Timeline of History

December 17: Reasons for losing loyalty

December 16: When Pursuing New Businesses

December 15: Global internet users

December 14: Distributed work at Google

December 11: Algorithm aversion (Behavioral Economics)

December 10: Framing effect (Behavioral Economics)

December 9: Authority bias (Behavioral Economics)

December 8: Mental accounting (Behavioral Economics)

December 7: Behavioral Economics: Status quo bias

December 4: The top secret iPod

December 3: Get Big Fast

December 2: A Product Metrics Primer

December 1: Fishbone diagram

November 30: URL2Video by Google AI

November 27: A wholesome customer review

November 25: My job as CEO of Amazon

November 24: How Airbnb validated a hypothesis

November 23: Three questions to ask when hiring

November 20: The Most Popular Social Networks

November 19: How to use an Appendix

November 18: Amazon’s Approach

November 17: One-way and Two-way Doors

November 16: The Pomodoro Technique

November 13: The Most Popular YouTube Videos

November 12: The History of Technology

November 11: Customer-centricity at Amazon

November 10: Improving User Interview Questions

November 9: COVID-19 Testing Rate by Country

November 6: This Planet is a Gem

November 5: Earth Overshoot Day

November 4: A precursor to taking risks

November 3: Big things start small

November 2: A bicycle for our minds

Mental Models: Hanlon's Razor

Mental Models: Reciprocity

Mental Models: Second-Order Thinking

Mental Models: First Principles

Mental Models: An Overview

DNA Sequencing Costs

The MoSCoW Method

Parenting Children in the Age of Screens

Amazon’s Early Investors

Amazon's Virtuous Cycle

A response to How answering a movie fan's question turned into IMDb

October 16: How answering a movie fan's question turned into IMDb

October 15: Offering Heartfelt Praise

October 14: Punctuation Refresher

October 13: When We are Criticized

October 12: On Good Meetings

October 9: Leadership Style as a Company Scales

October 8: Types of Irony

October 7: The Age of Voting

October 6: Know Your Audience

October 5: Gen Z Trends

October 2: When Satellites Collide

October 1: Blue Origin’s Mission

September 30: Lead with Love

September 29: Internet Access in the US

September 28: Office Chairs in the Age of the Remote Worker

September 25: Amazon Summer Party in 2000

September 24: The Value of Wine (Part 2 of 2)

September 23: The Value of Wine (Part 1 of 2)

September 22: Jeff Bezos's Pioneering Approach

September 21: State of Work

September 18: Narrative arc

September 17: Ship It Before You Are Ready

September 16: Expectations are a Moving Target

September 15: What Job Seekers in the US are saying

September 14: Data Breach Investigations Report

September 11: Analytics Maturity

September 10: Earthquake Detection on Your Phone

September 9: Audience Discovery Versus Durability

September 8: Hello, World

September 4: Net Promoter Score

September 3: The Five Love Languages

September 2: I've Seen Small Things Get Big

September 1: How to Select Your Mask

August 31: Social Engineering

August 28: Amazon Two-Pizza Teams

August 27: Workplace engagement during COVID-19

August 26: Commute times

August 25: Escalation of commitment

August 24: Topic Modeling

August 21: An interview with Jeff Wilke

August 20: Twitter hack

August 19: Fortnite takes a stand

August 18: Growth of the internet

August 17: The power of wandering

August 14: Business Chemistry's four types

August 13: Agile Manifesto

August 12: Executive decision making at Amazon

August 11: Cognitive load

August 10: COVID-19 online grocery shopping

August 7: The story of DoorDash

August 6: The worst year in history

August 5: Why websites load slowly

August 4: The internet is faster, but websites aren't

August 3: goes to the Supreme Court

July 31: Coronavirus and sleep

July 30: Instagram's quick turnaround

July 29: America’s first murder trial

July 28: Popular programming languages

July 27: Levels of Autonomy

July 22: Recommended for You

Welcome to Fact of the Day 1!

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Norway’s Carbon Capture

Online Activity in the UK

Pioneers, Settlers, Town Planners

Red and Blue Oceans

US Parents During COVID-19

Social Media Influencers

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A Vision for the Impact of AI

An Increase in CEO Pay

Funny Customer Reviews

WiFi Frequency Bands

In the end, we are our choices

Kids’ App Habit Insights

A Thank You Bonus

Amazon to Acquire Zoox

Languages of Internet Users

Internet Users by Country

Horizons of Focus

Jeff Bezos 1997 Interview

Online Information-Seeking Behaviors


COVID-19 and Customer Demand

Bus Factor

Technical Debt

Svalbard Global Seed Vault

Inclusive Naming Conventions

Diversity in Tech

Whitened Resumes

Control of US Institutions

Collective Guilt vs. Collective Responsibility

Amazon and Slack Join Forces

Illustrations Addressing Imbalance

COVID-19 Lifestyle Changes

TSA Passenger Volumes

Key Data Science Concepts

AWS Well-Architected Framework

Federated Learning

Netflix Helping Members

The Fortune 500

Relational vs Non-Relational Databases

Tiny AI

Email Client Market Share

Web Browser Market Share

The Sponsorship Spectrum

Hot Tub Christmas

American Public Transportation

About YouTube

Why Are They Called Fermi Questions?

Fermi Questions

AI Implementation Among Organizations

The Introduction of Kindle

World Toilet Paper Consumption

The Uber Lost & Found Index

How Amazon is Taking Care of Employees During COVID-19

Workstation Ergonomic Tips

Satellite Mega-Constellations

Economic Impact Payments

Innovations To Defeat COVID-19

The World’s Most Expensive Cities

Radical Candor

Chime After Chime

Customer Service for Anything

But Who Are Harbinger Customers?

Harbingers of Failure

Leveraging Scale For Good

Scaling Workloads To Save Lives

Understanding Team Effectiveness

Day 1 Vitality

Delayed Purchases

Growing and Declining Product Categories (March 2020 vs. March 2019)

Impact on Digital Communications

3 Brands Expressing Compassion

SWOT Analysis

The Rise of Streaming

The 10,000 Year Clock

Automation to Put the Customer First

Pets during COVID-19

Growing and Declining Consumer Interest

Voting Machine Versus Weighing Machine

Feature Engineering

From Magnetrons to the Microwave

Gartner Hype Cycle

Challenges of AI and ML

Greenhouse Gas Emissions By Food

Global Scheduled Aviation Capacity

How Mobile Devices Affect Daily Life

Time Spent With Patients

You’re Going to Let Anybody Take Amazon Traffic?

User Research Methods

Inventors at Amazon

Behind the Fact: An Analysis of Amazon’s Patents

Behind the Fact: An Analysis of Amazon’s Patents

22 Years of Price Changes

Streaming Distribution By Brand

Cost-of-Thriving Index

Amazon’s 2019 10-K

The Electricity Metaphor for the Web’s Future

Cannabis Use Among Older Adults

Travel Trends Among Generations

Amazon Holiday Gifts to Customers

The Day TED Might Have Died

Stubborn on Vision and Flexible on Details

Try Before You Buy

About Amazon Sellers

Amazon Seller Growth Opportunities and Challenges

Who is on Amazon’s Board?

Why Amazon Can Start Businesses From Scratch

The Internet Tidal Wave

The State of Brand Trust

The Big Mac index

Goals at Amazon

The Growth of Online Dating

Digital Health Data Sharing

Just Do It Award

Retirement Anxiety

U.S. Teen Preferences

The Origins of Tenets

Social Proof

African Americans and the Vote

Amazon’s First Beta Test

Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs)

Service-Oriented Architecture

Digital Health Adoption

Social Media Monthly Active Users


Operation Mega Flex

Privacy and Control Over Personal Information

Information Snacking

A Historical Anecdote of Good Judgement

The State of Mobile

Amazon Invents a Shipping Holiday

The Importance of Belonging

Meet the AWS Snow Family

Breaking the Email Obsession

Cord-Cutting Accelerates

Empower Others to Unleash Their Creativity

The Story of Instant Pot

The Age of Startup Founders

The State of Data Science

Cloud Infrastructure Services Market

Phrases in Tech Job Descriptions

The Backbone of the Internet

Urgent and Important

Supervised and Unsupervised Machine Learning

Equity Holdings by Generation

Amazon Private Label Brands

Track and Receive Holiday Deliveries

Benefits versus Features

Major Events in Amazon’s History

AWS Machine Learning Explained (with examples)

The Fastest Growing Brands of 2019

What Makes a Manager Great

Holiday Delivery Speed and Reliability

Netflix’s Viral Tweet

The Internet’s History


The Industrial Revolutions

Selection Among Major Streaming Services

Deaths By Risk Factor

Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure (JEDI) Cloud

Holiday Shopper Spending

Amazon Second Chance

Outlook Calendar Invites: OOTO and WFH

Precision Versus Accuracy

Well-Being of U.S. Households

Amazon’s Logo Through the Years

Tailwind or Headwind?

Project Aerosmith

American Positivity About Small Businesses

Electronic Commerce Catapults with Powerful New Features (from 1997)

Seattle-Tacoma International Airport

How to Clear Project Confusion with a RACI

How to Adjust Your Office Chair

Lean Manufacturing

Retail Square Footage Per Person

Top Websites by Traffic, Worldwide

The Flywheel Effect

Using Satellite Images to Bet on Retailers

Email Statistics Worldwide, 2018

Tech Companies and Surge Pricing

Massive Scale Online Collaboration

Latin Phrases You Can Use Daily

Learnings From Readers’ Perspectives

China’s Growth in Artificial Intelligence Research

The Lack of Social Interaction in Social Media

Fashion Tech Innovators

John Snow and the Broad Street Pump (1854)

Why Starbucks Loves Gift Cards

3 Questions to Ask During a Hiring Meeting

Amazon Physical Stores Breakdown

Open-Source at Amazon

Open-Source Glossary

Carbon Dioxide Emissions by Sector

Lessons from the Longest Study on Happiness

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

Literate and Illiterate World Population

Natural Language Processing Overview

The Effect of Online Shopping on Grocery Demand

Which Jobs are at Risk?

Measuring Confidence

The Happiest Countries in the World

“Don’t just swipe right, get married.” — Jeff Bezos

U.S. Store Closures in H1 2019

Prime Video Wins Big at the Emmys

Frustration-Free Packaging

When Choice is Demotivating

Amazon Devices Event

Channels for New Hires

The Story Behind the Building

Alibaba’s Singles’ Day ($1B in the First 68 Seconds)

Inequality of Dating App Likes

Top US Gift Retailers

They’d Have Locked Us Up As Dangerous

A Sale on Campbell’s Soup

Amazon’s Fortune 500 Ranking

Factors Driving Purchasing Decisions on Amazon

Come Build the Future With Us

Seller Central Versus Vendor Central

Dealing With Unexpected Expenses

Using a Gantt Chart to Manage Projects

The Amazon Sweatermen

Amazon Books in 1996

The Prevalence of Disabilities

Medical Debt in America

Most Valuable Brands in the World

The Israeli Childcare Experiment

Carbon Dioxide Emissions Per Capita

Early Amazon Categories

India’s Reduction of Extreme Poverty

Amazon’s Positions

Wake Up Every Morning Terrified

The Most Populous Country

The Beauty of Amazon’s 6-Pager

Pumpkin Spice Sales Growth

Desktop and Mobile E-Commerce Growth

Amazon Consumer Behavior Report

The Three Horizons Framework

Capital Efficiency of Amazon Retail

How Does Your Firm Use Social Media?

Mental Models

How We Write a Working Backwards Document

Working Backwards at Amazon

World Internet Usage and Population

Highest Grossing Blockbusters of All-Time

Passenger Fatalities per Billion Passenger Miles

Minutes Spent Per Day TV vs. Mobile Devices

10 AWS Products Explained Simply

Tenets at Amazon

Social Media Actions by Platform

Reasons for Cart Abandonment During Checkout

Building a Product at Amazon for People with a Disability

The Internet Has Changed How Couples Meet

Understanding Your Size of Market at Amazon

(Happy Prime Day!): The Rapid Growth of Hard Seltzer

Mechanisms at Amazon

Most Desired Apartment Features (Pet-Friendly Tops the Chart)

Prime Day Extends Beyond Amazon

Mobile Apps by the Numbers

Good Intentions Never Work

How a Janitor at Frito-Lay Invented Flamin’ Hot Cheetos

Experimentation at Amazon

Two-Pizza Teams

How Devices (Phones and Tablets) Affect Daily Life

In-Store Traffic and Mobile Customers

3 Year Growth and Sales Mix of Amazon

Does the News Reflect What We Die From?

Fortnite — The New Social Media

Merchant Apps on U.S. Consumers’ Smartphones

Amazon Lingo Bingo

Amazon Employee Growth Over Time

Why is Peculiar

The 10 Largest Private U.S. Companies

Jobs to Be Done Theory

Amazon Failures to Learn From

Who are Amazon’s 10 Board of Directors?

Podcasts — From Niche Internet Community to One-Third of Americans

Amazon’s $232.9B of Revenue in 2018

The Lichen Loophole: “I tried to negotiate with them” — Jeff Bezos

Amazon’s 142M Square Feet of U.S. Distribution Infrastructure

Fueling Amazon’s Early Growth

Amazon Logistics and Delivery Services Explained

“Such things aren’t meant to be easy.” — Jeff Bezos, 1997

Computer Abbreviations Explained

Avenger’s: Endgame [No spoilers]

International Working Mother’s Day

E.g. versus I.e. — What’s the Difference?

What is 5G? An Executive Summary

Building a Personal Brand

The Cost of University Education

Sanitation Without Sewers

Women in U.S. Elected Office 2019

Project Zero to Drive Counterfeits on Amazon to Zero

Where Does it Go? (Compost and Recycling and Garbage, oh my!)

Another Data Point of How Technology is Enabling the Massive Direct to Consumer (D2C) Trend

“Third-party sellers are kicking our first party butt. Badly.” — Jeff Bezos

Fixed Mindset vs Growth Mindset (& a Quote from Sayta Nadella)

2018 Amazon Revenue Growth

The Impact of “Badges” in Search on Amazon

Tradeoffs as an Amazon Seller & Vendor

Your Almond Milk Purchase is Impacting Dairy Farmers

Retailers’ Omnichannel Prioritization

Brick and Mortar Store Closures Accelerate in 2019

The 12 Most Expensive Acquisitions by Amazon

Connect@Amazon Hosts their Biggest Event of the Year Today

Racial Profile of the US Population in 2045

Amazon’s First Affinity Group (& Jeff B’s Response)

SEO Marketers ❤️ Shopping at Whole Foods Market

Who is Gen Z & Why do They Matter?

Trends in Seller Collaboration

“Influencers” on Social Media are the New Movie Stars

Changing Supply Chains for Retailers (The Biggest Challenge is Becoming Omni-channel)

March Madness to Cost U.S. Employers $13.3B

E-com Product Quality Satisfaction, n=62K US Customers

Target Announces a Curated Third-Party Marketplace, “Target+”

That’s a Lot of Cement and Steel!” — Bill Gates

Smart Speaker Report in the U.S.

Open Source Contributors by Organization

Stream Services Adopting by US Households

Today’s College Student (U.S.)

Amazon Launches Live-Stream Shopping (Like a Cross Between QVC & Twitch)

Podcasting and Audiobook Stats (Think Audible & Amazon Music)

International Women’s Day is Tomorrow (& Amazon has 89 Events Planned)

Amazon Writing Style Tip #3

Amazon Writing Style Tip #2

Amazon Writing Style Tip

Amazon Locker + Coachella (Music Festival in California with 250K Attendance)

Africa is the Youngest Continent (Just Look at Kids Aged 0–4)

Median Age of TV Viewer, by Channel

Greenhouse Gas Emissions, by Sector

What’s the Value of Community? (the Market Says High)

Merchants Rate Top Online Marketplaces (Amazon Drops from #1 Rank in 2018)

Introducing Amazon Moments

Shopify’s Noteworthy Growth (Compared to eBay)

Texas has had the Power to Split into 5 States for 150 Years

Amazon Private Label Sales: Massive Growth Ahead

Voice Assistant Usage to Surge

Fedex Introduces Late-Night Shipping

The Love ❤️ — and Consumer Cash — is Flowing

Amazon to Acquire eero (Home WiFi)

Percentage of US E-commerce Sales

Market Cap of the Top 8 U.S. Retailers

Brands & Ads on Amazon

Businesses of Amazon from the 2017 Shareholder’s Letter

Follow up: Is a Burrito a Sandwich?

Starbucks App Leads Mobile Payment Competitors (& learnings from yesterday’s survey)

America’s Snowiest Cities

A Breakdown of Sales by Marketplace Sellers (Estimates from a 3P source)

5 Retail Tech Trends for 2019

Corporate Wealth Consolidation — 1978 vs. 2015

Email Statistics Report (A Meta Fact for an Email List)

Meet Scout

Brick and Mortar Evolves

2018 Amazon Stores Highlights (An Integral Part of Amazon’s DNA)

We’re Living in a Mobile First World

Prime Membership Estimates (From a third-party research firm)

Key Amazon Acquisitions

US Digital Ad Market (Could it grow bigger than AWS?)

The Origins of Leadership Principles

Commanders in Chief

Women & Technical Positions

The Future for Amazon Sellers, Part II

The Future for Amazon Sellers

The Most Impressive Economic Rise in History

How Customers Use Mobile Phones In-store

Customer Ordering During the Holiday

Wall Street and Amazon Customer Reviews

Marketplaces Win Repeat Purchases

2018 Top Holiday Destinations for U.S. Travelers

Third-party Sellers (3P) Lead Amazon’s Revenue Growth

Major Events in Amazon’s History

Building Products at Amazon for People with Disabilities

Looking Forward to 2019 (from the perspective of Amazon Sellers)

China’s Obsession with Short Videos (Think 10 second clips)

Chinese Sellers Building Brands on Amazon

Lessons Learned as a $1.3M/year Seller

2018 Mobile Device Statistics

Fears and Favorites of Amazon Sellers

Fast Retail (The top 1% of products generate 22% of retailer’s revenue)

Marketplace Personas (as described by sellers)

Thanksgiving Trends in Retail

Amazon Advertising Breakdown

Sellers’ Strategies to Increase Revenue

2018 Global Mobile Consumer Survey: US

Tips for Amazon Writers

Amazon Sellers’ Teams